Friday, August 1, 2014


Got a very early start this Friday morning. Met up with my buddy Ruben at 5am on the beach. Weather was a balmy 70 degrees. I wet waded in board shorts and a tee shirt. Water was warm as well, but did put a slight chill after about an hour or so. This was more of a casting session than a catching session. I forgot my stripping basket on my front steps, so I was having a grand ol time managing the fly line. Lucky for me the surf was flat with a slight breeze so it wasn't really that bad.

Birds were everywhere. Diving and hovering over the large schools of bait fish. Not sure if because there was so much bait in the water the fishing was tough or if it was just my sucky@ss fly fishing skills. I think I'll blame the large shools of bait fish, as Ruben also had a very unproductive session. I managed on small bait fish that I happened to snag while getting ready to cast.... yup it was tough.

We made a short move down the road to the LAB and found that fishing was tough here as well. I did C&R a small 7 - 8 inch sandbass to save me from the skunk. Ruben went home with the stripes, but he was really not set up very well to be fly fishing the LBC & LAB. He fly fished as best he could with what he had.

We did see quite a few corbina over in the LAB but didn't even get a look from any of them. There was a bait guy who caught a small stingray which I released for him since he was afraid to touch it. He said it looked like it had a human mouth.... It was actually comical to see.

Anyhow I got the line wet and got in some very much needed casting practice and even managed to avoid the skunk. It's likely we will be back at it again tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading, I may bring the camera along tomorrow.... We'll see.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014