Monday, March 3, 2014

News Release!

It's back!!! The DoubleHaul Ball... March 22, 2014 at the Long Beach Casting Club. Lots of fun and tons of knowledge to be soaked up from some of the best on the West Coast! Dozens of fly tyers will be on hand dsoing there magic. FFF certified Master Casters will be teaching casting of full sinking integrated fly line in the surf. Come on down and learn and play all for FREE!

The One Surf Fly Beach Classic will be held on 4-12-2014 at Rincon Beach Park in Carpinteria.


Obsession - Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout in Oregon from Mountain Made Media on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Annual FlyBuy Feb 8 in Long Beach

The Annual FlyBuy brought to you by The Southwest Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers and hosted by the Long Beach Casting Club is coming up fast.

This is a robust event with something for everyone. You will find great buys on new and used tackle along with lots of tying, casting, an auction and an IF4 screening as a finally. This is a Fundraiser for the Southwest Council, International Federation of Fly Fishers. Lunch and admission $10.00 for IFFF members, $15.00 others. Memberships available at the door.

Event Schedule

Learn from award winning fly tiers (several of which post on this board). The current roster boasts this fantastic group: John Van Derhoof, Peter Koga, Lee Baerman, Bill Blackstone, Carl Ronk, Chris Taylor, Naomi Okamoto, Dean Endress, Mark Kirchner, Steven Fernandez, Mark Johnson, Glenn Hirayasu, Shane Chung, John Williams, David Boyer, Mas Okui, Al Q, Cheryl Moore and Mike Forrest.

GARAGE SALE: 9am - 3pm
Please donate items for the fly fishing garage sale. Rods, reels, lines, clothes, vests or accessories.
Anything not sold will be donated to Project Healing Waters or Casting For Recovery. Items must be in working order and have a value of at least $10.00. A great opportunity to dispose of extras and unwanted items of all matters fly fishing. Please give items to your SWCIFFF representative or contact us directly. This is the perfect way to do spring cleaning and to help the SWCIFFF!

CASTING 9am -3pm All Levels Welcome!
Take a quick lesson and receive pointers from our Certified Federation Instructors.
$1.00 per minute (15 minutes minimum). Your casting can be analyzed by one of our certified instructors. Get tips on your Single-handed, Spey or double-haul casting.

For your bidding pleasure both select and special items will be on the tables all day.
Bidding will be conducted or opened for 2 hours at a time, all day. Come any time and place your bids!

The Art Theatre in Long Beach at 4 pm for our showing of the 2014 IF4 film. Great adventures and selections. Tickets are 10.00 in advance, 13.00 at the door. 2025 E. 4th Street, Long Beach, CA 90814. The selections are stellar in variety and very inspirational.

Click on links for more info...
Facebook, Southwest Council

See you there!
The SoCal FlyFisher

Sunday, December 1, 2013

SoCalFlyTying: On The Vise Fly Talk - Midges

Here is another cool video from Adam Perez and Tod Suttle on what type of midges work best flyfishing fishing still waters under a strike indicator.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Las aventuras del hombre Zee y El Estrella Roquero Pescador

It's a few weeks dated, but it better late than never. Got together with a few fly fishing buddies for a sort of bon voyage to a couple of FlyFishingAddicts Zee and Mike. Both Zee and Mike will be off to New Zealand in the near future and this will likely the last time we fish together for quite some time.

Before arriving at the Pizza Factory, my friend Ruben and I made a quick pit stop at the Indian Wells Brewery to pick up some beer for a big potluck dinner on Saturday night.

This is my buddy Ruben washing his beer glass for another pour of beer.


The Indian Wells Brewery also has some unique sodas as well as candy. It's definitely worth the stop on the way up to the Sierra.

We all started of by meeting up at the Pizza Factory in Bishop, California. Fairly decent pizza at this place it was my first time eating at this place. WE had a few rounds of beer and lots of food. The camaraderie was nothing short of awesome. We all have meet through a great online community, the FLYFISGINGADDICTS forum. This is exactly what the name says, it's for fly fishing addicts who just cant get enough of this buggy sport.


This is some of the group of guys who showed up for the Friday night pizza party.

On Saturday morning four of us decided to fish on the Upper Owens River. You could probably fish a entire week and not cover this river. It winds in and out like a serpent. It one of the tougher river to fly fish, fish are incredibly spooky and there is very little in the way of cover to try to be a sneaky bastard. I try and keep a very low profile and crawl and hands and knees.

Here are a few shots of Jim, Tom, and Ruben as they hike in and stalk some fish as well.

The bulls in the background are tame and just watch us as we walk by, never have I had or heard of anyone having issues with them.

This is my friend Jim casting a on a fishy stretch of the Upper Owens.


This is a new friend Tom fly fishing another stretch of the Upper O.

And my co-worker and good friend Ruben tying on a new fly.

Here we are or should I say they are after a nice day on the water. No one caught anything worth photographing or bragging about, but the ones that got away and the tales of the big ones that spooked were great.

Saturday evening back at camp was great with everyone back together as a group. The beer caps were popping, food was cooking and the tales of fish and adventure past and present were being told around the nice warm campfire. This is one of the best parts of the camaraderie that goes one between us. Unfortunately I have no proof of the great time on camera, I just couldn't pull myself away from the good times to grab the camera.

Sunday morning was another great day of food and fly fishing. A few of the guys headed home, while others stayed behind and fished more.

Fly Fishing Addicts
A couple of partial group shots from Sunday morning.


The breakfast was great, lots of calories for another day of fishing.

Yummy dessert.

The fly fishing was off the hook... My mini brown trout.
Brown trout

Mike with a bigger sized brown.
Mike's brown trout

Like I said the fishing was off the hook on Sunday, some caught more than others. The camaraderie was great and I'll always remember the days spent on the water with my friends.

Brown Trout

Cheers and have a spectacular day!
The SoCal FlyFisher "aka" Benny

Monday, September 23, 2013

SoCalFlyTying: Piconi's Prowler

Here is another fly tying video from SoCalFlyTying Thanks again to Adam Perez aka flue_fisker for letting me share his fly tying tutorials.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SoCalFlyTying - Neeeew Beak Fly

Here is another saltwater fly pattern tied by Adam Perez. The Neeeew Beak Fly is a modified version of Doug Uyematsu's New Beak ghost shrimp. The fly is used in most part over in the Long Beach area of SoCal. The New Beak works great for corbina in particular. It works as well for other saltwater species. Check out more fly tying on Adam's YouTube channel SoCalFlyTying.